Awareness Maintenance & Hosting

We aim to find the easiest solution for you

We don’t directly sell domains but when you start your website we find and acquire an available domain name that suits you. Domain names vary in price and cost $30/year.
If you want a customized email addresses, for example we can customize your email address to whatever you like.
We ensure your site is available on all platforms. Accessing your site by phone will not affect its functionality. Sites will always be mobile friendly.
There is no limit to the visitors on your site. If you have 10 visitors or 1 million visitors your site will run smoothly.
We optimize sites to run as fast as possible. The hosting we use provides lightning fast speeds.
Check out our contact part of our website to get in touch with us.
We work with you to find solutions for you to your problems around the clock. Get in contact so we can figure out how to help you.
What content is on your website is completely up to you.  You provide us with what you want everything to say and we put it up for you.
We take steps to make sure your site is always backed up. In the case of your website going down we make sure that we can get you back online ASAP.
We do not lock you into any contract. After a year of our service you will be billed for hosting your domain and any further maintenance you wish to carry out but there is no obligation to keep your site online.
We have pricing plans starting from as low as $250!!!